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Most small sailing clubs are similar in that volunteers are required to 'make it work'. Really, no club will survive if it relies on the efforts of a few. All volunteers have a saturation point and the pot of volunteers continuously needs to be refilled.

This is a working club and in an attempt to maintain low expense levels, each family (membership) is expected to contribute a minimum of 15 hours of their time (excluding personal launch and haul-out) to maintain the operations, premises and equipment.


Members are encouraged to contribute their talents to the clubs activities/operations or join one of RYC’s committees and to make their preference known on the Membership Form. If you do not wish or are unable to contribute your time, please indicate so on the Membership Form and your billing will be adjusted accordingly.

We have a great venue for boating which is enhanced by the interactions that we have together as a club. The more you do the more you will feel that the club is yours and becomes a great place to be.

So whenever you see the opportunity please step up and become one of the volunteers for our club. There are many ways you can help.

Our Current Volunteering Needs

Become a Board member

Join the Learn to Sail Committee

Club Beautification Committee

Help set up our docks and poles in the spring


Set up the docks and poles in the spring


Ready the Learn to Sail Fleet

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