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Learn to Sail

RYC’s Adult Learn to Sail program is a great introduction to dinghy sailing for anyone interested in learning the basics (no experience required) and those wanting to become a little more comfortable on the water.

The course will be lead by an instructor from our Learn to Sail program and will cover the theory and on-board practice.


RYC members and non-members are welcome with a suggested participant age of 16 years and older.

The course will run for the month of July on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00 - 9:00

The cost is $400.00 per sailor.

Inclement Weather Activities - Knots; parts of the boat; types of pins/cleats/fittings; types of boats; safe boating practices; theory


Class 1.

Introduction and club orientation; rigging a boat on land; basic terminology; quick sail and de-rigging boat; debrief.

Class 2.

Tacking, gybing and boat posture; rigging; following a prescribed course on the water; de-rigging; debrief.

Class 3.

Sail trim, wind direction and ticklers; sail to Minister’s Face; race on the way back, de-rig; debrief.

Class 4

Geographical and water hazards and buoys; sail with drills and fun on the water - depending on wind direction; de-rig; debrief.

Classes 5 - 7

Right-of-way; sail with drills and racing; de-rig; debrief

Class 8

Keelboat sail with club member; debrief.

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