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To keep a boat at the club requires a Family Membership. If you wish to take advantage of the facilities and social activities we have an Associate Membership class.  Please review our fee structure outlined in the club service rates document. We encourage everyone considering joining our club to complete an online application form.


Membership vacancies are filled on an annual basis between May and June of each year, upon the approval of the Director of Memberships, Board requirements and full payment received.

RYC is a working club and to help maintain costs family memberships are expected to complete a minimum of 15 hours of time annually (excluding personal launch and haulout.)

Family Membership includes the boat owner, spouse and any children up to the age of 19 years, or children still enrolled in post-secondary school. This membership entitles the use of grounds, facilities and services, and participation in RYC races, activities and events in accordance with the Club By-laws and Club Rules. 

Associate Membership is a person nineteen years of age or older as of June 1st who will be a social member and will not have a boat at the club may apply for Associate membership. An Associate member shall not keep any boat or tender on RYC  property.

We currently have a waitlist for berths but we encourage you to apply online. We'll let you know once we have berths available.

RYC Services and rates

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