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June 2024 Here we Go!

For those that were able to see Sail GP in person, we’d love for you to share your pictures and tag us on Facebook!  I see some members were present, what an event!

Introducing our Summer Students:

Will Byczko; Ryan Dickie; Sarah Evans; John Hawkes; Rowan McGinnis;

& Dylan Nelson. Please say hello when you see them!


Dock Updates:

What a great weekend, lots of buzz on the docks as more boats arrived and our launch being well used for what it’s intended for. Thank you, Eric, Frank, Jeff & team for arranging the temporary dock, we dropped in easily.

The 6 new docks are now floating in the water, waiting for a couple more details before they are officially in the water for use.

Note from the Dock & Maintenance Crew: 

Once the crew are ready to install the metal plate to the Boat Launch, it will be closed.  Apologize for any inconvenience, The Boat Launch is maintained by the RYC, for   members only.

Gas Bar:

Monday-Friday 10am – 430 pm    Saturday/Sunday 11 am -5pm

Do you have your burgee? Please see Nadia in the office, 11-2 Daily.  Let’s fly our Flags Proudly!

Grounds Updates: Paving Monday weather permitting.

Front entrance will be closed to traffic, please use back entrance to the Club to allow for maintenance on our roadway!


RYC Moorings:

All are clearly marked, inspected and safe for use by all Club Members. Let’s be safe!  Scouts Beach (2); Barlow’s(1); Cathline(1); Jenkins Cove(1); Caitlins Island (1); Meeghan’s Cove (1)


Reminders: Have you sent your details to Paula for Taco Night?

What’s on the Calendar?June 8th: Saturday: We are looking to have a TACO NIGHT; Want to Help?

June 12th:  First official Race of the Summer is June 12th, followed by a Social Barbecue Updates to follow. Race Committee Director Dick Daigle, Social Committee Director Paula Hatty

Cruise week! Almost complete, have you signed up yet?  Updates coming soon.


Thank you to the Members for reaching out; we appreciate your feedback. If we have missed any question, please do not hesitate to remind us.  We do have a few names to add to the Announcement List, please be patient, 😊

Questions, suggestions? We want to hear them all, Looking forward to season.

Sea you on the Dock!

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